Welcome to the My Colony 2 Modshop creators portal! This is a site for mod creators and developers to upload and maintain their mods for My Colony 2. If you are looking to download and play mods, you can access the Modshop from within the My Colony 2 game itself. To access the creators portal, please sign in with your Ape Apps Account.
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Mod Name
The name of this mod. This is the primary thing people will see when searching the mod shop.
Mod Description
Let users know what your mod does, what it's all about, or any other information they need to know before installing.
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Are you charging for this mod? Mods are free by default, but you may also charge an amount of Ape Coins for your mod. 1 Ape Coin = $0.01. Ape Coins are deposited to your Ape Apps Account and can be used throughout the Ape Apps ecosystem (not currently redeemable for real money).
Please note that on platforms that charge a transaction fee (ie Google Play, App Store, etc), a cut of the Ape Coin transaction will be deducted to help cover the payment processing fee that the app store charges to Ape Apps (from 10%-30% depending on the app store).

Mod File

Upload or update your *.c2m or *.c2d mod data file here. Users who have installed your mod will be automatically updated to the latest build.

Mod Screenshots

Upload up to three (3) .png or .jpg screenshots so people can see what your mod is like in action. Screenshots should include content that is a part of your mod. at least one screenshot is required for inclusion in the mod shop.

Mod Logo

Include a 1024x500 size .png or .jpg image that will represent your mod on the mod shop listing page. Image may include text, including the name of your mod. If no logo is selected, a screenshot will be used instead.

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Include brief information about yourself that users will see if they look at your creator profile.
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